William ‘Tiger’ Dunlop

1792-1848   Settler, Soldier, Politician, Doctor, Author, Wit

Born in Scotland and educated as a physician, Dunlop came to Canada in 1813 as assistant surgeon for a British Army regiment destined for service in the War of 1812. Dunlop distinguished himself as a doctor and soldier during that conflict. After the war, Dunlop accepted a post with the Canada Company, a land-development firm bringing immigrants to settle in what was then virgin forest near Lake Huron, Ontario. He became widely known for his outspoken nature and wit.  He was elected a Member of Parliament for what was then the Province of Canada. Dunlop was a renowned author of his day, writing widely about the new frontiers of Canada in the Huron Tract. He was responsible for founding the present town of Goderich, Ontario.

Founding Master, Goderich Lodge #33

Quote (From his will)

“I leave my sister Jenny my Bible, the property formerly of my great-great-grandmother, Bethia Hamilton, of Woodhall, and when she knows as much of the spirit of it as she does of the letter, she will be another guise Christian than she is.”