Sir John A. Macdonald

1815 – 1891   First Prime Minister of Canada

Born in Scotland, Macdonald came to Canada as a boy when his family moved to Kingston, Ontario. He trained as a lawyer and became famous for his defence of accused rebels following the 1837 Rebellion. Elected to the provincial legislature, he became Premier in 1844. Macdonald was a leading proponent of Confederation and became Canada’s first Prime Minister in 1867, being knighted at that time. With one period in opposition, leading six majority governments, he remained in that post until his death in 1891. Macdonald’s support made possible the first Canadian transcontinental railway, joining Canada with its new province in British Columbia. His image is used on the Canadian $10 bill.

St. John’s Lodge No. 5, Kingston


“Let us be English or let us be French… but above all let us be Canadians.”