Peter Lougheed

1928 – 2012   Premier of Alberta

Born in Calgary, Lougheed earned a law degree at the University of Alberta and an MBA from Harvard.  He played briefly for the Edmonton Eskimos before entering business and law.  Lougheed entered provincial politics as a Progressive Conservative when the party had been virtually dormant for decades under the Social Credit Party. Lougheed captured the leadership of the party and was elected for the first time in 1967. Four years later, the Lougheed-led PCs swept into majority government. Lougheed would remain Premier until 1985, winning landslide victories every four years until his retirement. Lougheed fought a bitter battle with the federal government over control of Alberta’s oil. He established the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund for provincial surpluses as a provincial ‘rainy day’ fund.  Lougheed Provincial Park and Peter Lougheed Centre medical facility are named for him.

Perfection Lodge No. 9, Calgary


“Our whole approach as a political party was to talk not so much negatively, but we wanted to talk about the future of the province and we wanted to talk positively.”