General Douglas Macarthur

1880 – 1964   Soldier

Macarthur graduated first in his class from West Point military academy in 1903, served in France during World War One and became Chief of Staff of the US Army during the 1930s. He was President of the US Olympic Committee during the 1928 Olympics. Macarthur retired from the US Army in 1937 to become Military Advisor to the Philippines. He was recalled to service following Pearl Harbour and was appointed to command allied troops in the southwest Pacific. Macarthur directed a brilliant campaign, bypassing Japanese outposts and letting them wither for lack of supplies. He was the lead allied signatory at the 1945 Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay. Appointed military governor of Japan, he began the transformation of a devastated nation into a prosperous democracy. At the outbreak of the Korean War, Macarthur was made commander of United Nations troops and again demonstrated inspired strategic leadership, rescuing South Korea from looming North Korean conquest. Macarthur was subsequently removed from command for publicly disagreeing with the US President.

Manila Lodge No. 1


“There is no substitute for victory.”