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One of 19 Masonic Lodges in Calgary and 125 Across Alberta

"Freemasonry is a beautiful system of morality, a philosophical approach to self-improvement, a way for a good man
to make himself better – better as a citizen, better as a worker or employer, better as a friend, neighbour or acquaintance.
It has survived hundreds of years of malign rumours and periodic persecution, not by trying to be flashy or popular,
not by changing with every new fashion or vogue, but by appealing to men's core values of right and wrong."

On our website you can learn about Freemasonry and how it means different things to each of those who join.
You will find information about how long it's been around, where it originated, information about core beliefs and practices,
as well as basic information dealing with every aspect of the Freemasons society.

About Zetland Lodge

  In October 2013, Zetland Lodge celebrated our centenary – 100 years of brotherhood.
Since 1913, close to 1,000 men have been members of Zetland Lodge.

We have met in our present location on 12th Avenue SW since 1929. Prior to that,
we met in a building at what was then called ‘Alexander Corner’, at the intersection
of 8th Avenue and 1st Street SW.

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Events & Announcements


Events & Announcements details will be posted here. Please check back for updates ...
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No. It's true that many Masonic groups sponsor specific charities. For instance, the Shriners - Freemasons all - fund 22 ...
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We can answer any question you might have about Freemasonry.
To get started, many of your questions
will be answered here.

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Rumours & Myths

Freemasonry is NOT a secret society!
In this section, we'll help to dispel many of the persistent misconceptions and conspiracy theories over the years.

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"No man can ever be perfect; perfection lies with God. We can however make ourselves better. That, ultimately, is the goal of Freemasonry."